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Travel insurance designed by smart travellers, for smart travellers. With comprehensive one-trip and annual policies available – you can travel with confidence on your next adventure.

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        Smart Traveller Insurance is not affiliated with Smartraveller, the Australian Government travel advisory website - www.smartraveller.gov.au. We do, however, encourage you to visit the site for up to date travel advice.

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        Smart Traveller Insurance Solutions

        1 Overview

        Travel insurance is an essential part of any smart travel plan. Smart Traveller Insurance is here to help make sure you enjoy your next adventure. We offer easy to understand and comprehensive travel insurance policies designed to suit different travel needs*.

        We offer One Trip international and domestic policies. Our international policies come in two levels of cover: 'Essential Traveller' a lower cost option and 'Smart Traveller' for a more comprehensive range of benefits.

        If you travel frequently you might like to consider an Annual Multi-trip policy.

        2 Before Your Trip

        To help you get the most out of your next holiday, Smart Traveller Insurance has developed a free downloadable guide called '50 Travel Tips for Smart Travellers’.

        Whether you are a seasoned traveller, or you are looking at venturing overseas for the first time, you are sure to discover something new with these helpful tips.

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        These travel tips are intended as general information only. They do not take into consideration your personal circumstances. Neither Chubb nor Cardell accept any liability from any reliance on the statement contained in these travel tips.

        3 During Your Trip

        Arrange Safe Transportation – use reputable transportation companies and if travelling in your own vehicle, ensure it has been serviced before departing on your road trip.

        In the Know – To ensure you get the most out of your trip, make sure you visit the local visitor information centre on arrival and get the latest information on what the area has to offer.

        Safety first – On arrival at your accommodation, make sure you’re aware of the emergency exits and familiarise yourself with the area/property.

        Keep Your Belongings Safe – keep belongings close to you at all times, be wary of strangers and take care in new and unfamiliar areas.