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        Travel Insurance for Families

        Travelling with a family has never been easier or more economical than with Smart Traveller Insurance. Take the hassle out of arranging your insurance by simply adding your children for free as dependents to your own policy.

        Children are covered for free!

        You can have an unlimited number of dependent children covered on your policy for free, provided you are all travelling together.

        What is a dependent?

        • Your unmarried child(ren) up to and including eighteen (18) years of age
        • Your child(ren) aged over eighteen (18) years of age and up to and including twenty-one (21) years of age, whilst they are full-time students at an accredited institution of higher learning and primarily dependent upon you for maintenance and support.

        Domestic, International, One Trip and Annual

        Choose the policy that best suits your needs. We offer: